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Products are as good as the customers who use them and continue to use them. Here we let our customers voice their satisfactions about our products:

"I would like to offer my most sincere gratitude for your range of air-freshener and/or air purifying products (aero-kitz range of products). It has kept the air smelling wonderful and many patients of mine complimented on how they felt rejuvenated and freshened, just by sitting in the reception area breathing the wonderful aroma of your products."

- Dr Tengku Sinannaga (Profile Dental Surgery), Singapore

"I am pleased to share that your donation of the Kitz 3.2.8 CONCENTRATE has benefited Yong-En Care Centre and the visitors greatly for the past 1 year.

The 6-action cleaner was put to good use in every corner of the centre. With the high standard of hygiene achieved, it is very reassuring to us when we have approximately 200 elderly & 50 children coming to the Centre for the weekly programmes. It was especially crucial during the outbreak of the Hand-Foot-Mouth disease. Lastly, the lemon-pine scent that lingers in the air after use is very refreshing."

- Benjamin Chan (Yong-En Care Centre), Singapore

"We thank you for your generous donation of the Kitz Cleaning chemical.

The chemical is now used to clean our premises, rehab and office equipment, general areas and toilets. The Kitz chemical cleans and disinfects very well and it leaves a pleasant "lemon" smell after each cleaning. With your donation, we do not need to buy cleaning and washing detergents. The money we have saved would be put to other more deserving uses."

- Michael Chua (Handicaps Welfare Association), Singapore

"I unite in praise of your product "Kitz" which I have been using whenever, for approximately ten years. I was introduced to 'Kitz' in Singapore and was delighted by its very versatile. When I returned to England and 'Kitz' was unavailable I tried many others products and proved to be inferior. Fortunately I have friends in Singapore who now ensure a supply for me."

- Mrs. J. Y. Poutlnes, West Monkton, Somerset, UK

"I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for your development Aero 10.

On a recent Singapore Airlines flight to Hong Kong, a fellow passenger spilled red wine on the front of my pants, and light pants at that. A flight attendant suggested I come back and let them spray on an "air-freshener" which would "also removed stains".

Though I did not expect any serious results, more to satisfy the flight attendant help, I proceeded to the gallery. We sprayed the approximate six inch in diameter with Aero 10 and began to rub lightly with a clean damp cloth.

I must say that I was not only pleasantly surprised (beyond belief), but very impressed by the product. The spot completely disappeared! "

- James A. Merchant (Bovis Asia Pacifc), Singapore

"This is to confirm that Nirai Kanai Okinawan Restaurant has been using Kitz Swift 680, the Ultimate Cleaning Solution by Taylor Stanley (Singapore) Pte Ltd with great satisfaction.

Kitz Swift 680 has been partly a boost towards our obtaining a Grade A certificate for environmental cleanliness."

- Nirai Kanai Okinawan Restaurant

"There are no insects or caterpillars to be found. Leaves grow perfectly after using Biogreen. Very successful! This is new generation of oranges, the skin is shiny, fine and firm flesh. Before, when I used chemical substances, it cost about 1000 bht per gallon, but now I use Biogreen, cost about 200 bht. Save my budget a lot. I want you to try it and you will be rich like me!"

- Somsak Moungpanit (Owner of orange farm from Rayoung province),

"It is a miracle. It protects plants from pests and insects. It nurtures the blossom and the baby stem. Normally it takes 9 to12 weeks for blossoming but now only takes 4 to 5 weeks".

"I have been planting durian trees for 25 to 26 years. I have never found such product that can protect them from pests totally. There is everything in that product. Before, we had to spray about 7 to 8 chemical substances at one time, but presently we spray only 1 kind - Biogreen".

- Suchart Ruengtong (Durian farm owner from Samui), Thailand

"For over 40 years that I have been farming mangosteen. I have never seen such changes like this before. The more I use Biogreen, the more confidence I have".

- Permporn Sontisuwan (Mangosteen owner from Chumporn province),

"Biogreen is for everything. Can be used as nutrients supplementary, make healthy oranges. Save budget too".

- Pradit (Orange farm owner from Chumporn province), Thailand

"The most interesting factors about Biogreen are giving good yield of products, proper weight, good taste, firm flesh and to consumers’ liking".

- Suntorn Niemaksorn (Rose apple farm owner from Sonakla
   province), Thailand

"Fruits grow faster. No problem of premature falling".

- Amnouy Nakniyom (Mangosteen farm owner from Chunporn
  province), Thailand

"Grow fast. Takes about 15days to ripe. Beautiful results, gain higher market price. Biogreen is good".

- Pian Kamplee (Durian farm owner from Trad province), Thailand

"It normally takes 15 to 20 days in making Bio fertilizer, but now we can make it faster, pack it in the sack and ready to use. Using Biogreen helps us save up to 40% of budget. When using Biogreen, the soil become cold. The smell of Biogreen is harmless. The efficiency of Biogreen in Rubber Tree and other plants is great."

- Khun Prasom Panturatna (General farmer from Sonakla province),

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